Landscape with Five Houses by Kazimir Malevich

Landscape with Five Houses makes use of a bright colour scheme which almost feels slightly Mediterranean, which would not be in keeping with Malevich’s upbringing within the Russian Empire of the early 20th century.

As with most of this artist’s abstract pieces, the title sums up perfectly what can be found within the composition. The style is minimalist and typically modern, whilst the choice of the genre of landscape art was actually more frequent in his career than many realised. The five houses are carefully sized and positioned to give the impression of a small village and also provide a suggestion of scale in a painting otherwise bereft of any detail.

The bright colours and clear forms would make this an ideal choice as an art print. One would be able to enjoy the artwork from a considerable distance because of its simplicity. The ambiguity of its location also makes it feel homely for a wider audience. Malevich produced landscape scenes across his career and in a variety of different styles, it was clearly a genre that he was naturally drawn to and enjoyed working within.

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