Mystic Suprematism (Black Cross on Red Oval) by Kazimir Malevich

Artist Malevich continues to reduce his compositions down to just a few lines and shapes here, in an approach which became termed Suprematism. The arrangement here gives a clear cross shape, perhaps suggesting a religious connotation, though further study is required to determine any precise meaning that may have been included here.

One cannot get away from the cross shape discovered here, particularly with the strong role of religion found in Russia at the time of this painting. That said, the image is not as clean as elsewhere, with other shapes also muddying the composition and meaning that perhaps the connection is just a coincidence. Again, the artist uses a white background to allow his components to take centre stage without any fringe distractions. A red ellipsis then stretches across the vertical space, reaching up to towards the top of the canvas. There is then two thick black lines that cross the

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