Portrait of a Man by Kazimir Malevich

Portrait of a Man is a painting by Kazimir Malevich from 1912. Some believe the model to actually been a gentleman by the name of Alexei Morgunov although this has never been confirmed. The smartly dressed man wears a yellow tie with white shirt and a dark blue or grey suit jacket. His face is … Read more

Peasants (1932) by Kazimir Malevich

Here we find another modern interpretation of the theme of peasant life in Russia. Malevich would re-visit this topic many times over and was actually from a fairly modest background himself. There was also a strong connection between those feeding the nation and the rest of the country during this period. This portrait of peasants … Read more

Peasants (1930) by Kazimir Malevich

Peasants would feature many times within the career of Kazimir Malevich, with this version being completed in 1930. He was in the last years of his life by this point but was still working productively right up until his eventual passing. Here in front of us we find two peasants standing right in front of … Read more

Peasant Woman with Buckets by Kazimir Malevich

This painting is dated at around 1912 and was a part of Kazimir Malevich’s First Peasant Cycle, which was a selection of artworks that drew attention to the lives of ordinary people with the artist’s native country. Крестьянка с ведрами и ребенком, to give it its original Russian title, came during an important decade for … Read more

Peasant Woman by Kazimir Malevich

This highly complex scene will remind some of the tubular cubism produced by Fernand Leger. Here we find Malevich working in yet another new way, as he consistently changed his approach whilst still remaining within this futuristic style of art. The original Russian title of this painting was, Женщина с ведрами, which roughly translates as … Read more

Party by Kazimir Malevich

Party which is also known as Отдых (Общество в цилиндрах), or Rest, Society with Cylinders, was an early artwork from the career of Kazimir Malevich which was produced using a variety of media. This lesser known artwork was produced using gouache, watercolor and ink on cardboard and can now be located in the Russian Museum … Read more

Kazimir Malevich Paintings

Kazimir Malevich paintings tend to have the liberation of art as their main objective. From Black Square to Suprematist Composition, Malevich takes traditional expectations of art and turns them around. Patrons like his reliance on geometric forms and most of his paintings command high prices, with Suprematist Composition being sold at auction for $60 million. … Read more

Painterly Realism of a Boy with a Knapsack – Color Masses in the Fourth Dimension by Kazimir Malevich

Painterly Realism of a Boy with a Knapsack – Color Masses in the Fourth Dimension is a painting from 1915 by Russian abstract artist, Kazimir Malevich. It is amongst his most simple artworks of all, featuring just two rectangles upon a blank background. Malevich produced many different iterations along the same style of abstract shapes … Read more

On the Boulevard by Kazimir Malevich

On the Boulevard is a gouache and charcoal on paper artwork by Kazimir Malevich which dates from around 1911. It features a style and tone that might remind some of the work of German Expressionist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. We find in front of us here an ageing gentleman dressed in a thick yellow suit who … Read more