Head of a Peasant Girl by Kazimir Malevich

1913 marked the arrival of this Cubist portrait and Malevich, its creator, was soon to go on a stylistic path of discovery that would ultimately lead to the formation of the Suprematist art movement. This painting has been classified under the first peasant cycle which was a body of work by Malevich that focused on … Read more

Head of a Peasant by Kazimir Malevich

This painting presents the head of a peasant in several distinct forms. His face is divided into four quadrants of red and white. The bottom quadrants are smaller than the top ones, which makes them look like the chin and jawline. Head of a Peasant is an oil on plywood painting by Kazimir Malevich that … Read more

Haymaking by Kazimir Malevich

Haymaking features a single figure portrait in the foreground, with many more people dotted around in the distance, which is entirely typical of the work of artist Malevich. He brought attention to the lives of the working poor in Russia through his modern art styles. In front of us here we find a worker dressed … Read more

Discovering “Girls in the Fields” by Kazimir Malevich: A Masterpiece Unveiled

"Girls in the Fields" by Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich’s “Girls in the Fields” is a prime example of the artist’s unique Neo-Suprematist style. Painted in 1932, this work depicts two young peasant girls standing together in a field, with one holding a bouquet of flowers. The figures are rendered in simple, geometric shapes filled with flat areas of color against an abstracted … Read more

Girl with a Comb in her Hair by Kazimir Malevich

Девушка с гребнем в волосах, as titled by its creator, Kazimir Malevich, is a portrait of a girl from around 1933. This would therefore come right at the end of the artist’s life, making it one of his very last paintings. Malevich would use a style known as Neo-Suprematism for this painting and it was … Read more

The Gardener by Kazimir Malevich

The Gardener was a Fauvist artwork by Kazimir Malevich which he produced in around the year 1911, before then switching to Cubist styles soon afterwards. This painting can be found in the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum in central Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are several interesting elements to this painting. See, first of all, the … Read more

Gallant Company in a Park by Kazimir Malevich

Gallant Company in a Park is an interesting addition to the oeuvre of contemporary artist, Kazimir Malevich. The painting is dated at circa 1908 which explains why its style is so different to the mature period of this artist’s career. The content and style of this image is just so different to what we are … Read more

Four Squares by Kazimir Malevich

To be known as an iconic piece of art suggests an image that is full of detail, rich in colour and timeless in its imagery and form. One does not assume though that a simply painted black square on a white painted background could be iconic, however Four Squares a variant on Malevich’s Black Square … Read more

Flowergirl by Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich produced several versions of the same theme which he titled as Цветочница, or Flower Girl. They all appeared in the year of 1930 and at this point the artist was coming towards the end of his life. In front of us here we see a delightful portrait of a smartly-dressed woman walking around … Read more

An Englishman in Moscow by Kazimir Malevich

An Englishman in Moscow was completed by Kazimir Malevich in around 1914 and it is believed to now be Under the ownership of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Indeed, a number of Malevich’s paintings and drawings made their way from Russia to the Dutch capital during the early 20th century. In most cases it was … Read more